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Seller Pre- Resolve


  • Zillow won’t post your home on the day of launch.

  • The accepted offer will back out prior to inspection.

  • The P&S will be delayed for no good reason.

  • The condo building will have a different reserve figure than we thought.

  • The buyers will want money back for something that you’ve lived with for years.

  • The appraisal will come in low.

  • The lender won’t be ready in time.

  • The inspector was clueless and tore your house apart.

  • The buyer doesn’t know why you won’t leave the grill for free at closing.

  • The buyer wants to visit the house with a contractor at 8am…on Saturday!

  • The property is in a flood plain.

  • The other side are jerks.

  • The buyer has lot a job.

  • Is that a cockroach!?

  • My inspector isn’t available for another week.

  • An attorney will be late with docs.

  • The settlement statement will have an error.

  • The buyers won’t be ready to close and you’ll have moved.

  • Your movers will not be on time.

  • The smoke/carbon inspection goes awry.

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