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Buyer Pre- Resolve


  • You’ll miss the update on a property listing.

  • The sellers will accept an offer before you’ve seen the house.

  • The P&S will be delayed for no good reason.

  • The condo building will have a different reserve figure than we thought.

  • The appraisal will come in low.

  • The lender won’t be ready in time.

  • You won’t receive your clear to close or final figures until the last minute.

  • The seller is being unfair about fixing issues that we believe are dangerous.

  • The property is in a flood plain.

  • The other side are jerks.

  • Your spouse doesn’t like the house anymore.

  • Your finances change unexpectedly.

  • Our inspector isn’t available for another week.

  • An attorney will be late with documents.

  • The settlement statement will have an error.

  • The sellers won’t have fully moved out.

  • The smoke/carbon inspection certificate won’t be available.

  • Something attached and not excluded will not be in the house.

  • There will be new, extensive scrapes in the floor or wall.

  • There is a stain in the floor that you never saw.

  • The grass at the house will be high.

  • Paint cans and the like will be left behind.

  • The tenant refuses to leave.

  • Water in the basement or a utility won’t turn on.

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