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Smart, kind, and determined to always do the right thing by those she works with, working with Nina will put a smile on your face.  Her sense of humor will diffuse challenging situations and her enthusiasm enhances her marketing skills when she is listing your home. 

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Daring, provocative and edgy presentations and thinking are driving change in the real estate industry. Linda is confronting standard real estate practice by turning assumptions upside down. She was named one of the most influential people in real estate by Inman News. 

Linda O'

Empowers her Seller clients with new ideas, methods and strategies to ensure they get the best terms and price, and makes certain that Buyer clients are educated to build value when they purchase guiding them to good, creative choices. Count on Alison for superb advice and wisdom.

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The "Queen of Vision" and she helps her buyer clients find and create value in a worthy property or her sellers maximize their investment in their home. Kim understands the nuances and trends that make all the difference in a successful transaction.


Exudes strength and straightforwardness. This business is hard. It is full of surprises and unforeseen issues that easily frazzle a less seasoned agent and can rattle and upset good clients. Simply put, she can guide you through one of the most challenging endeavors of your financial life.

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Leads clients with the dedication, discipline and training required to cross the finish line of a 140 mile Ironman race?  She will do the running to move you, the swimming to keep your head above water and the biking to zip around obstacles to get you to the finish line and settled where you want to be. Hire a champion. Hire Debbie.

Debbie C.

Fastidious, organized, creative and neurotically concerned with every detail so that you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. It’s the little things that make the big difference. Nothing gets by Lisa.

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Lisa Figueiredo - Debbi Headshot.jpg

Brings real estate skills, amazing personal communication and a design eye that ensures your home will be showcased in the best light before photos are taken. Debbi treats your home like its her own.

Debbi R.

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