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Critical Difference

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Protection No Other Firm Delivers

Innovative practices result in cleaner, smoother transactions for our clients. Let Leading Edge guide you through what can be a frustrating, exhausting and exasperating process. Our time-saving, paperless transactions create digital documents that are time-stamped, on permanent record and available whenever, wherever.


For Sellers, we have created a protective document, like no other in the industry, to reduce the risk to you of getting tangled in a contract that isn’t quite right. Buyers have amazing consumer protection, so we have taken the initiative to endow our Sellers with the same consumer protection. We know attorneys that represent Sellers are impressed with our documents. Share our exclusive addendum, that protects your interests like no other real estate company does, with your attorney to confirm our forward-thinking and unique protection of clients. The last thing we want is for our client to be forced into terms of a sale that didn’t have the full benefit of your attorney’s review. Also, our Sellers are never mistreated by Buyers who represent that they can purchase your home without selling their own property. Sadly, Buyers can be disingenuous, near we say even sneaky. We see it happen...but it doesn’t happen to our protected clients.

Proven Strategies that Guarantee

our Clients Top Dollar and Shortest Sale Time

Full Exposure guarantees top selling price. With tight inventory some companies try to sell their listings to their own clients. Our strategies promote the most exposure for your home, not limit the number of buyers who see it by only letting the firm’s buyers see the home first. Our strategies to create a bidding war put our sellers in a stronger position to create not only the best price, but the best terms (financing, home inspection, appraisal, etc) for our clients. We do not simply guide you in selecting the best offer, but specializes in creating the best offer for you.

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Most Importantly - We are Smart and We are Caring

Sure our clients want brain power, expert negotiation and strategies. Yet it is even more critical to understand the physical and emotional impact of the move on Homeowners. Understanding your specific needs allows us to customize a plan that works best for you when selling your biggest asset, your home. We know we need to work twice as hard to earn your business.

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